Supporting our School

Dine - Outs


Throughout the year the school will have an agreement with a local restaurant where if you eat at that restaurant, they will give a certain % of their profit to our school! You get to eat and our school gets to benefit - it's that easy! 

Support Immanuel School with Scrip!

Purchase gift cards for stores that you go to every week! Here's an example:

  • Purchase $100 BRANNEKY gift card

  • School gets $10 back

It’s that easy!


The scrip ladies will be trying to sell in person, when the schedule allows. Look for us after services!

If there is no in-person selling, you can fill out an order form, found next to the announcements. Just fill it out and slip it under Mrs. Mirly’s office door


You can also sign up online at: and enter enrollment code: DDA8DC641226


Scrip has a new app! Check out RAISERIGHT in the Apple or Google store. Question? email


Amazon Wishlists

Support a specific class by purchasing something from the teacher's list for their class. 

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