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Voter's Meeting

May 24, 2021 

6:30 PM

ZOOM  Meeting ID: 977 927 5444

              Passcode: 63132

The Mission of Immanuel Lutheran Church is to strengthen our church family through Word and Sacrament, to reach out with the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and to extend His love and care one to another.



1. Opening


2. Approval of the minutes of the February 23, 2021 meeting.


     Official Congregational Acts

 2021 Confirmation Class

     Nicholas Chase Copeland

     Maddison Sophia Corley

     Margaret Adelaide Farra

     Melina Teagan Finnegan

     Blake Anthony Huber

     Evan Kenneth Jander

     Eleanor Grace Krenning

     Grace Olivia d\Dao Schaff

     Emill Myers Tate

     Talya Marie Williams

     Harlee Jennifer Wood


     Received by Transfer: none

     Received by Adult Confirmation: Heather Sprengel

     Received by Reaffirmation of Faith –None

     Released – None

     Dropped By Own Request: none

     Removed to Join Another Denomination - None

     Marriages - Martina Karg to Adam Naftzger, Marie Karg to Eric Navarro

     Adult Baptism –None

     Baptism - Emry Kaslin, Harrison Benz, Reese Walker


     Deceased: Karen Peyton, Marilyn Brockmann


     Removed – Lack of Address - None


     Sign the Constitution: Do we have any members who wish to sign the Constitution 

and become a voting member? 


3. Treasurer’s Report


4. Board of Elders Report 

a) New Worship Guidelines


5. Light of Christ


6. Board of Day School Education Report

a. Principal’s Report 

b. Day School Report

7. Board of Parish Education Report

      a.  VBS


8. Board of Stewards Report


9. Buildings and Grounds Report

a) Roof

b) Dumpster - August 7


10. Church Council Report

a) Updated COVID Policies

b) Green Envelopes  


11. Old Business 

         a) Budget      


12. New Business

a) Welcome Pastor Schrader


13. Announcements 

14. Adjournment


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