COVID-19 group gathering regulations

The following guidelines have been created for non-worship gatherings at Immanuel effective October 5, 2020 

All groups must follow current county guidelines for social distancing and mandatory mask wearing at all times when inside Immanuel. 

In addition, groups must adhere to the following Immanuel specific policies 

Any group wishing to use Immanuel must receive approval (via email) from Connie Baur, Immanuel's business administrator. Approval must be requested and given Seven (7) days before any gathering is to take place. 

Only gatherings in the Fellowship Hall and Gymnasium will be approved at this time. Gatherings are limited to 25 in the Fellowship Hall and 50 in the Gym. 

The designated group leader is responsible for submitting a list of actual attendees within 48 hours of the event conclusion. This will be kept for 30 days for contact tracing purposes. 

No food is permitted to limit time without masks and no gathering should last longer than one hour. 

Each group is responsible for the cleaning of surfaces and removal of trash created during gathering. Immanuel will provide necessary cleaning supplies (no outside or unapproved cleaning supplies should be used.) 

Outdoor gatherings remain an encouraged option for groups. Where social distancing can be maintained, food and mask removal may be allowed. When extended periods of close contact exist, masks should be worn. 

If your group meets on a regular schedule you may provide and receive approval for all